Horse Hill

The Council has objected to the planning application - see Planning Page for detailed response. We have asked questions about acidisation.

Noise from Gatwick Airport aircraft
Aircraft arriving and departing from Gatwick now fly using a method known as ‘Precision Area Navigation’ (P-RNAV) which provides technology allowing departing aircraft to follow more precise flight paths. Aircraft started flying these modified flight paths in November 2013 and use of P-RNAV on departures became mandatory in May 2014. These routes had a post implementation review by the CAA and the departure route within Route 4 (NPR departing from the west before wrapping around 180 degrees to the right to fly out to the east and the route which affects our residents) was found not to be fully compliant as some aircraft were flying outside the northern perimeter of the NPR.

The CAA was able to authorise and require Gatwick to implement the revised P-RNAV route so on 26th May 2016 Gatwick introduced modifications to this route to ensure that aircraft move back inside the NPR. The result of both this modification and of P-RNAV is that aircraft will follow a GPS route and that there will be a concentration of flights over Salfords and Sidlow properties, with little deviation.

The Parish Council has taken action and detailed information found on the Route 4 page under 'Planning'.

Village questionnaire
If you want to complete you can find it at the link below and email back or post back to the Clerk.