Salfords and Sidlow is a civil parish within the borough of Reigate and Banstead in Surrey, England. This parish occupies most of the rural area between Reigate/Redhill and Horley and Salfords Village lies approximately 3 miles or 5 km south of Redhill astride the A23 London to Brighton road.

Salfords means willow-tree ford from the Old English sealh/sah "willow" and ford "ford". In 1193 the name was recorded as Selefrid.

It was the original UK home of the Monotype Corporation, which was one of the world premier manufacturers of hot-metal typesetting equipment in the early part of the 20th century. With the advent of computer typesetting, this equipment has become redundant but the factory employed some 2000 people as late as the 1970's. During the second world war, the premises were used as a munitions factory, and Salfords railway station was built in 1930 to service the corporation.

At the last census in April 2001 Salfords & Sidlow Parish Council was recorded as having a population of 2484. Sidlow Village lies to the west of Salfords, south of Reigate on the A217.

Nearby towns include: Horley and Redhill of which Whitebushes and Earlswood represent the southern extremity.

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