Reigate & Banstead Borough Council held it's consultation on the Development Management Plan. Once finalised the DMP will be ‘Part 2’ of the new Local Plan for Reigate & Banstead and will sit alongside the Core Strategy (‘Part 1’ of the Local Plan adopted in 2014) which sets the overarching framework for planning and development in the borough, including the scale and broad location of growth. The DMP will set out more detailed planning policies that translate the Core Strategy proposals into ‘on-the-ground’ proposals. The DMP will comprise:

  • Planning policies to guide decision making on planning applications, covering issues such as open space, nature conservation, heritage, design and parking
  • Planning designations which highlight areas with particular characteristics where a specific policy approach is necessary. Examples include green space, employment areas, and Residential Areas of Special Character
  • Site allocations for specific types of development, for example, housing, offices, new shops.
    • The Parish Council has been busily engaged in responding to the DMP


The publiciation of the Reigate & Banstead Core Strategy recomendations of the Planning Inspector were made public on 3 February 2014. Whilst it does refer to safeguarding green belt land and reference is made to land east of Salfords, this area no longer features in policy CS4.

R&BBC held a consultation on proposed amendments to the Core Strategy. Some of these were proposed by R&BBC before and during the examination hearings, whilst others have been recommended by the Planning Inspector following the hearings.

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The Council have made representation at the Inquiry which finished on 24 May 2013.
A summary of the Council's experience is detailed below: